Med-Save: Medical Billing Advocacy & Recovery

The majority of all medical bills today contain errors and/or overcharges, yet understanding the complexity of medical billing codes can be a daunting experience.

As Medical Billing Advocates, we take the pressure away from the sick or injured person and work directly with medical providers and insurance companies on their behalf.

Our Medical Billing Advocacy and Recovery clients appreciate having someone who can review each line item on a bill in search of errors and overcharges. Since it is difficult to figure out which charges are legitimate or justified, most people benefit by having a professional assist them in dealing with their medical bills. On average, there is a 30% recovery possibility.

We are also available to help our clients deal with any of their medical insurance issues. Often times, a procedure or test that should be covered under a medical plan gets denied. An inexperienced person may not realize that they can dispute this determination with their insurance company or may not have the perseverance needed to get it covered. The frustration intensifies when one is dealing with illness or injury. Med-Save can ease this burden.

Medical Billing Advocates of America

Medical Billing Errors Cost Elderly Thousands of Dollars.

Examples of hospital and medical billing errors and tips for avoiding the common mistakes when your elderly parent gets a bill for medical care.

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